Benefits Of The Relive IT Time Lapse System


In all kinds of photography needs, there is a latest photography technique called as? Time Lapse Photography? that can be used. This new technique is offered by the Relive IT Time Lapse System for construction and mining sites, below are the some of the Benefits of the Relive It Time Lapse System, The main benefit of installing a Relive IT Time Lapse system would be remote project monitoring whereby the Time Lapse system works as round the clock Security watch dog for the protection of assets at sites and work places.

1. With its highly advanced 3G network it enables accessing of the captured images over internet network from any place.
2. Apart from these, another benefit is that with options to frame time, events that happen over days, weeks and months can be captured and shown quickly even in few seconds.
3. The Time lapse cameras used are of high quality SLR cameras with high resolution, hence there will be best image clarity and in addition these are connected to the servers of Relive IT from where using any kind of custom web or mobile applications, the images can be viewed.
4. Integration with sensor based devices is possible and is a very beneficial feature too, as this makes it usable even in high risk and high security areas for monitoring vehicles trespassing, people trespassing into restricted zones, in wildlife areas for wildlife movements and many more as such.
4. Even members of organization and other stake holders who are not in a site supervising or site security positions too can see the captured moments at work place and asset located areas which enhances involvement of stake holders in all business activities.
5. Some of the images captured on significant moments can be used of advertising purposes, as a marketing material and improves the trustworthiness of the organization from partners and vendors from business stand point.


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Using Time-Lapse Photography to Save Money on Construction Projects


A Time Lapse Photography is a technology where several pictures are taken within a time frame, and the frequency of pictures frame rate could be from few milli seconds to any time.

This time lapse photography can be implemented using a Time lapse camera system as done by Relive IT services, whereby using a SLR high resolution camera at a place where the events are to be captured and then setting a time interval to capture images automatically and then these captured images are transferred using a 3G high speed connection to their servers and from there can be accessed and viewed anytime.

And the most amazing feature of this time lapse system is sequence of events happened over hours or days or weeks or even months can be reduced to lesser time and can be watched in few seconds.

This would help in capturing activities in any place including business sites, say even work place and construction sites, where lot of men and material are involved.

Here is information on Using Time-Lapse Photography to Save Money on Construction Projects,

1. When it comes to construction projects, a major amount of expenditure goes into site supervision and security monitoring activity, by installing a time lapse system expenditure on these can be reduced or minimized.
2. In addition, through round the clock monitoring using time lapse systems, security system is enhanced and thus protecting assets at site from theft or damage due to accidents.
3. Ensure that work in progress is efficient and would meet project deadlines thus saving on losses due to sluggishness or slowness in work place.
4. By sharing site activities with various stake holders, ideas for effective improvement in work can be identified and this would add value to projects and thus saving money.
5. Archival of work in progress images can help in effective documentation for future reference which shall help to evaluate effective expenditure.


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