Benefits Of Advertising Your Business By Animated Video


Cartoon and animated explainer videos take your business concepts and product promotions to the next level. They are simple to make, require less investment, grasps more attention and can be updated regularly.

Many corporations are now using the latest animation software available since they provide realistic and are capable of can incorporating various animation modules that tend to bring out best quality videos.

They come in various types and costs and suit the needs and requirements of businesses of all types. They give a plethora of options for companies to choose the best that fits their marketing strategy.

Further, they are flexible since they can be changed unlike real life action videos which require the whole team of artists, technicians and crew. The change in an animated video production can be made without having to exert much effort that real action videos require.

Hence, lumeo corporate videos have become to be relied upon by most advertisement agencies as the first choice for creating cartoon explainer videos. Animated videos are highly effective since they captivate viewers better than other kinds of videos.

They attract viewers of all ages since there is nobody who does feel entertained by a cartoon or animated video. Further, with the availability of latest software if it is possible to recreate locations with even more additional features.

The internet has a range of animated videos that has the wonders of the world incorporated in different settings than the real life backgrounds and settings. Lumeo animated videos make it possible for your business to capitalize on the creativity of digital artists.

Digital artists can recreate any building, place, car or individual into a character or a drawing for the purpose of creating an animated video. Businesses are soon realizing the great advantage that use of known cartoon characters and super heroes are giving to marketing campaigns.


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Animated Video Production – 5 Tips To Ensure That Your Videos Are Watched


Animated video production companies are facing stiff competition in the internet to win more viewership for their hard work. The essential factors that ensure the success of an animated video production are many and varied. The prime requirement is a good story line and script that will captivate viewers. The script should be short and within the word range of about two hundred to three hundred words and not more than that.

It is better to eliminate the use of complicated jargon and technical details instead provide information about the important features about the product. The use of uncommon terms will only confuse and irritate viewers and make them feel uncomfortable with the video.

Like the lumeo corporate videos, the video made should pass on the information to viewers effectively within a short span of time. It should captivate the attention of the viewer in less than few seconds. Further, since costs of video ads are much higher than any other marketing medium it is also required that animated video commercials are well within the time budget or ad agencies.

The characters used in the video should be matching to the business profile and type significantly. Funny and attractive characters should be used to products targeted at kids and adolescents whereas a more conscious and formal character selection should be made for a more matured audience.

It should always be ensured that too many ideas are not mixed into one video making it more complicated and difficult to understand. It is better to focus on a single idea and expand it to reach the target audience than cram the video with too much of ideas.

The message intended to be conveyed through the video should also be clear and crisp as those in lumeo animated videos. There should not be any beating around the bush as viewers can get disappointed if they are not able to grasp the idea behind an animated video commercial.


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